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TOWARDS project is a Specific Support Action (SSA) co-financed by the European Union under the 6th Framework Programme for RTD. The project started on 1 February 2007 and will last two years. TOWARDS' main objective is to support traditional, producer & regional oriented agri-food networks and associations in their migration towards an innovative, client & market oriented network/association model. This will be achieved through the development and implementation of an evaluation toolkit and the exchange of experiences with other organisations and entities of reference at European level. TOWARDS project is coordinated by the Andalusian Institute of Technology (Spain) and counts on the participation of 6 other partners established in 6 different countries (member states, new member states and associated candidate countries), who are deeply involved in the Science, Technology and Innovation environment of their regions/nations and at European level, especially in the agri-food area. TOWARDS aims to help make the European Union's fork to farm food chain strategy directly relevant to agri-food networks in regions of Europe.In particular, TOWARDS' vision is that producer and regional market oriented agri-food networks can successfully enter advanced food markets, provided these SME networks accept the challenge of improving the quality of food on the plate. This means SME networks accepting multiple goals: quality, price and delivery as opposed to previous models that traded-off one customer preference against others.
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